District Umpire Promotion Criteria

Guidelines for Promotion
District 63 Umpire

District 63 Umpire Association, Inc Mission Statement

The District 63 Umpire Association, Inc. was created to spearhead the efforts of recruitment, training and support of Junior Umpires (between the ages of 13 and 18 years old) and assist in the retention,recruitment, training and support of adult volunteer umpires within the boundaries of California Little League District 63.  This mission is consistent with our past, present and future endeavors with the exception of the shift in emphasis in the recruiting demographic.  It is believed at this time our best hopes for the continuation of an all volunteer group of Little League umpires lies in our youth.  Our ongoing mission is to inspire our Junior Umpires and arm them with superior training and support so their involvement spans well into the future with a strong sense of community – and hopefully will be shared with their children when they start playing Little League Baseball.

District Umpires

In order for the District to train and improve the level of umpiring for the local leagues, it is recognized that there should be a level of umpire designation known as "District Umpire". District umpires will be those umpires that have achieved a level of ability based upon objective criteria (defined below), and have acquired a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the District 63 Umpire Association. District umpires are required to promote and encourage the recruitment of new umpires into District 63. Also, they must be available to train and improve the level of umpiring within District 63.

Promotion Criteria

The following criteria must be met before an individual may be considered eligible for promotion to the level of district umpire:

  1. Must have attended the Little League Western Region 1 Week Umpire School or    comen surate trainging, and
  2. Must have a minimum of five years of Little League Baseball umpiring experience and have averaged 10 games per season for those five seasons, and
  3. Must have umpired as UIC and/or as field umpire in a District 63 Little League All-Star Tournament game, and 
  4. Must have umpired as UIC and/or as field umpire at any age level of a Little League Sectional, or higher, Tournament game, and
  5. Must have been either an Umpire-in-Chief of their local league, or have been a trainer in two District 63 umpire-training clinics, or have been an instructor at any Western Region Umpire School or regional weekend clinic, and
  6. Must have held a crew chief assignor position for the District Little League All-Star Tournament.

If the candidate has experience umpiring in other non-Little League associated games (e.g. NFHS (high school), PONY Baseball, College Baseball, ASA), then that candidate can petition the Board of Directors to waive no more than two of the above criteria. The Board of Directors retains the sole authority to waive and approve any two of the above criteria.

The District 63 Umpire Association will also sponsor and facilitate local clinics throughout the year for District 63 specific requirements as they pertain to District Umpires.  These clinics will also serve as a waiver for ONE of the above criteria.

Once these standards have been met, the umpire candidate is then eligible to be nominated for the level of District Umpire. This consideration is subject to a review of the candidate’s qualifications by the Board of Directors and then a one year probationary period.  At the end of one year, the nominee's service and performance are voted on by the Board of Directors for permanent status.