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Junior Umpire Program

One of the missions of the District 63 Umpires Association is to promote and train Junior Umpires. This year we graduated our first Junior Umpire to League UIC.

Josh Aurella

Josh started training with Jamie McKean, the former UIC of Montalvo Little League, in the spring of 2008 at the age of 11.  In 2010 at age 13 he was awarded the first "Roy DeFisher Junior Umpire of the Year" award started that year at Montalvo Little League and attended Western Region umpire school. The following summer he attended Western Region School again then started working district level all-stars games. By the summer of 2012 he worked over 28 district level all-stars games and earned the privilege of working 2 Sectional level All Stars games bringing his total that summer to 31 games which earned him the D63 Iron Man Award.  The summer of 2012 also saw him being made an official District 63 umpire at age 15 -- the youngest umpire to accomplish this. Now at age 16, he is taking over as UIC at MLL -- keeping Jamie's seat warm.